Lets Change the World !

Our society has been destroyed by apps who promise to bring valuable relationships to people. They have promised to change online dating experience and empower women, but they’ve failed to achieve their goals.

At Sociality we are listening to our society. We have reviewed lots of online videos and comments about how difficult online dating is and we have created something unique, safe and reliable for you.

Sociality is the first app of its kind to bring a safe dating experience to you. We respect our users’ privacy, as our users are the center of everything and they are decision-makers for our company.


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No More Fake

At Sociality no one can create a fake profile anymore because we only use front facing cameras to create users’ profile pictures.(You can always change that picture). Users are also able to upload their favorite pictures and videos on their profile.

At Sociality no one can be matched with more than one person at a time. Once you’ve matched, you don’t get any more matches from anybody else until you are un-matched or Pass that person.
You only have 4 chances/spots to choose someone or to be chosen by someone.

At Sociality our users cannot spam other users. Users can only send one message to a random stranger and they should wait for a reply so they can send another message (except like / like back situation).

Also no one can create more than one profile since our technology prevents that.


Tip: Please remember that if you have created an account with your phone, you’re not able to create another account with that same phone. (You can delete the old one and create a new one or you can transfer it to your new phone).

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