Online Dating Today

If you have used one of the popular online dating apps, then you can probably tell a horror story or two. These horror stories have come to define online dating in many people's minds: from fake profiles to fake people to endless swiping, it seems that the pain points of the apps far outweigh their benefits. Successes are few and far between, and for every couple that emerges from the wasteland, there are busloads of singles left wondering why the system has failed them. The thing is, the system is not set up to do anything but fail them.

A World of Potential

This is no reason to give up on online dating altogether, though. Like most technology, it is simply taking some time for us to work out the bugs. There is a world of potential here, but we need to take a look at our approach. We need to consider the steps that we are taking to correct the problems that affect users most frequently – and the goals that we are setting and encouraging among users on the apps. We have seen all too clearly that it is not sufficient to throw the app online and hope that people can figure it out on their own. We need to do better.

Introducing: Sociality

An app unlike any other, Sociality is changing the way that people think about online dating but adopting a business model that is different from the one that other apps follow. People of all backgrounds, body types, and ages will find a warm welcome on Sociality, where the users are in control – offering feedback that will continue to shape development on the app, which is currently live on iOS and Android.


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